Ningbo Huare Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Injection molding and blow molding:
In order to meet the needs of injection molding and blow molding production requirements, HUARE provides complete sets of auxiliary configuration scheme, which can help clients to produce high quality products.
The HUARE device is based on the plastic forming process, the final application and products of injection molding and blow molding equipment comprehensive use and development, to meet the production process all the specific requirements.
HUARE experience is very rich, and with the accumulation of time; he is applicable to a variety of fields, such as automotive, medical equipment, electrical and communications equipment, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and household goods.

Extrusion molding:
For extrusion production process, HUARE has a special configuration and independent cognition, and specifically for the development of a series of products.
For all the production process, including heating plate forming, contour, fibers, tubes and wires, as well as blow molding and casting a flexible film, special production system, HUARE can provide an ideal solution.
With superb engineering ability as a backup, the HUARE team with the ability to develop and for the users, OEM and extrusion machine manufacturers to discuss tailor-made professional system.


PET bottle system:
HUARE on PET bottle production process has a detailed and accurate understanding, in this application of the auxiliary system choice, is an ideal partner. HUARE equipment series complete, covering plastic particle drying and mixing, mold cooling, crushing recycling of all equipment, and has been in the domestic technology development and industrial applications of the frontier.